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Our Story

The Supper Club was founded by Duncan Cheatle in 2003, when he and a group of peers became fed up with the networking events on offer. Instead of meeting genuinely experienced entrepreneurs at these events, they were often left talking to someone who wanted to sell to them or were too early stage to offer any real value.

So, Duncan arranged a dinner for eight entrepreneurial friends in a private dining room, where he hosted an open discussion. They were all blown away by what they learnt in just one evening and insisted they meet again the following month. The Club grew from there. Hence the name: The Supper Club!

Since then, we have built a wide network of experienced and inspiring founders and CEO’s, who support each other and benefit from the host of events and opportunities that The Supper Club and Prelude Group have to offer, made effortless by the tireless work of our professional, highly skilled team.

We continue to exclude certain professions and industries which puts us in a unique position within the market.

We never want to get so big we don’t know every member personally but we continue to attract high calibre entrepreneurs who fit perfectly with the other members in the Club. We will continue to regularly create strong forum groups of well-matched business owners and we are always innovating and creating new ways of adding value to our members.

If you would like to talk about membership or refer someone to the Club, please do get in touch.


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